Ipv6 Assignment

One example might be a large university that has several campuses and faculties, each requiring IPv6 addresses. The university will most likely need to be able to assign IPv6 addresses from the same block to its sites and, at the same time, be able to use one or several upstreams. Initial allocation criteria To qualify for an initial allocation of IPv6 address space, an organisation must: a) be an LIR; b) not be an end site; c) show a detailed plan to provide IPv6 connectivity to organizations in the Afri NIC region.

The university network behaves like an internal university ISP to each of the End Sites. d) show a reasonable plan for making /48 IPv6 assignments to end sites in the Afri NIC region within twelve months.

Note: There is no experience at the present time with the assignment of multiple /48s to the same end site.

Having Afri NIC review all such assignments is intended to be a temporary measure until some experience has been gained and some common policies can be developed.

This article looks at the concepts behind IPv6 subnetting as it is implemented today; keep in mind however that some of the boundaries discussed in this article can change in the future as IPv6 deployment continues.

Before going forward that far it is important to note that like IPv4, the placement of the devices that will be allocated with IPv6 addresses can affect the numbers and the method of assignment.

and the standard hexadecimal notated IPv6 address and network, it can get confusing.

With the standard decimal notated IPv4 address and network.

Assignment of multiple /48s to a single end site When a single end site requires an additional /48 address block, it must request the assignment with documentation or materials that justify the request.

Requests for multiple or additional /48s will be processed and reviewed (i.e., evaluation of justification) at the RIR level.

This is only to be expected when new allocations are made possible under this proposal.

The following plots show the top-level global unicast allocations made by IANA to Regional Internet Registries (RIRs), as recorded on the IANA address assignments page.

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