Is Homework Necessary Persuasive Speech

We know that there is no direct link between how much homework is set and grades.Studies done on this come to different conclusions so teachers should only set homework when they are sure it is needed.

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We should expect to get a certain amount of homework per day and build other activities around the homework.When homework does take up time in class it is helpful for learning.And when it does not then it does not harm the classwork.Homework is teaching us a key skill that we will need in the future.When we do homework we are learning to work on our own, the discipline to get the work done without the teacher’s prompting, and when we come up against difficulties we learn how to overcome them without our teacher’s help.Teachers could as easily use the classwork to find out who knows what they are doing and who are making mistakes and it would save them time.Teachers will need to mark and go through work whether it is classwork or homework.The teacher needs to design the homework, explain it, mark each piece individually, and tell everyone what they got right and wrong.If all this is not done then the homework loses its value as we need to be told individually what our mistakes are to be able to learn from homework.First there is the time that the teacher takes when explaining the task.Then more time is taken going through the homework when it is done and marked.

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