Ivy League Essay

Students also report feeling that the campus is overpopulated, making access to the school’s resources more scarce than they’d like.

Cornell places Relative to the other Ivies, Cornell has amassed less global acclaim (though its affiliation with the Ivy League still serves it well).

The university regularly ranks in high standing on lists of the nation’s happiest campuses, earning Brown Due to a shortage of jobs in Providence, graduates from Brown who opt to stay local report some difficulty in finding employment opportunities.

While those who venture further away communicate higher success, contributing to an early pay average of ,400, this initial difficulty hands Brown Though very safe and by all accounts friendly, Hanover, New Hampshire fails to impress most Ivy hopefuls with its rural location and small-town vibe.

Columbia’s location also provides resources and research opportunities that most schools can’t possibly rival, earning Columbia a spot in Columbia graduates rarely find themselves at a loss for career opportunities, especially in the Big Apple.

Positions in New York City are competitive, however, and for those staying local, housing rent is a financial strain (even with an average early career pay of ,200).

In addition, its unique emphasis on interdisciplinary studies and dual degree programs earns Penn Though the median salary for Princeton graduates is slightly higher than for Penn alumni (whose average early career pay comes to ,100) the University of Pennsylvania earns a bump in ranking—advancing it to Though Providence is at times lacking in activity, Brown’s spot on The Hill is typically bursting with energy.

The location boasts an abundance of great food, as well, and for those seeking a livelier scene, Boston is a train ride away.

For this reason, the University of Pennsylvania ranks Owing to an undergraduate business school that ranks first in the country, Penn is able to offer many resources and opportunities that simply can’t be found elsewhere.

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The Ivies, with their multibillion dollar endowments and flora-coated architecture, are revered as the pinnacle of America’s higher learning system.

The resources offered are as yet unparalleled, including a faculty which boasts more Nobel Laureates than anywhere else.

It’s perhaps then expected that Harvard pulls a Located in New Haven, Connecticut, Yale’s neighborhood is known for having an unfortunate crime problem.

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