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The creatures she reads about are grotesque and frightening, which heightens the reader's awareness of the ever-present mythical themes.The creatures are described with negative traits, which also reflects Jane's feelings at this particular time. Conclusion The room also has no window; therefore, there is almost no light and no hope for Bertha in her 'prison'.Jane is introduced to these themes very early on in her childhood, as she frequently fills her mind with mythical images, "all was eerie and dreary; the giants were gaunt goblins, the pigmies were malevolent and fearful imps".Jane's early knowledge of magical creatures and stories forms Jane into a solemn character, and her imagination expands in these areas.It is that, but also so much more, and really Charlotte Bronte is playing with a series of genres and combining them in one novel.It is first and foremost, in my opinion, a , which traces the development and education of the main protagonist as she faces the challenges of life and eventually adopts her place in society.The word Gothic relates to the Middle Ages when stories commonly depicted courtly love, and villainous characters.

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Our certified Educators are real professors, teachers, and scholars who use their academic expertise to tackle your toughest questions.The Thornfield chapters with the "madwoman in the attic" and the use of nature and setting as in the symbol of the chestnut tree have definite gothic overtones, but I also think it is wrong to limit the novel as just being a Victorian Romance.It is that, but also so much more, and really Charlotte Bronte is playing with a series...Many Gothic novels include detailed description, and add reference to the intimate feelings, and passionate love of their characters.The authors of these novels wanted to entertain and to enlighten their audiences.Many stories were written with imaginary coincidences, mysterious characters, supernatural, unexplained, or dramatic events and adventures between a hero or heroine and their lovers.The imagery and description in these novels creates an illusion of time, space, and people.Bronte uses Helen's death as a symbol of independence for Jane in the novel; however, she also begins to take heed of Helen's teaching.Magic and supernatural elements recur frequently throughout 'Jane Eyre', which Bronte uses to convey terror to the reader.These images of death are certainly excellent examples of the way Charlotte Bronte incorporates morbid and sinister images into her novels.Jane accepts death as a way of life, "I was asleep and Helen was -dead" Even as such a small child, when Jane was very close to death herself her connection with the dying Helen is of much significance.

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