Janitorial Services Business Plan Linguistic Relativity Thesis

You may offer a combination of services, such as carpet, window or office cleaning.

Many entrepreneurs don't anticipate the time commitment a growing business needs.Avoid the expensive and often ineffective newspaper and radio ads.Market your cleaning services through networking (especially through your local chamber), talking to property managers, and watching for new buildings going up in your area. Once you decide to start a cleaning business, develop a relationship with a janitorial supplies distributor.Although it may seem like buying supplies through a distributor is more expensive than buying through a "big box retail store", there are many advantages in working with a distributor.A distributor can teach you how to use supplies and equipment properly, which will save your cleaning business time and money.Do you want to clean small office buildings, large office buildings, medical clinics, banks, and new construction or government buildings?It is much easier to start with one particular niche and focus your marketing efforts on a select group, rather than spreading yourself too thin. When just starting out your cleaning business you can easily operate on a shoestring marketing budget.Are you planning to do commercial cleaning, or residential?Will your business be based out of a commercial workshop or warehouse, or will it be home-based?By taking the right steps at the beginning, you can start your cleaning business with very low up-front costs, and, unlike many small businesses, you can actually clear a profit in your first year of operation! Include the following in your business plan: business name, location, geographic area you will serve, competition, business structure, marketing plan, accounting procedures and a cash flow spreadsheet.Remember, a business plan is to help get you focused - it is not a hard and fast document that outlines the day-to-day operations of how you will run your cleaning business. After deciding on a business name and business structure, it is important to decide on a particular "niche" for your cleaning business.

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