Jim Elliot Essay

After his death, his dream was carried on by his wife.

This missionary is still remembered for his selfless devotion to God and his zeal, tempered by love, to guide people.

By appropriating the original ‘mulberry bush’ to ‘prickly pear,’ Eliot creates a sense of disillusionment and alienation by evoking the morbid imagery of innocent children infinitesimally running around a prickly cacti.

It fills me with a feeling of paralysis as I feel trapped within a torturous scenario, in which every direction seems antagonistic and fearful. Eliot’s resonating voice of disillusion and alienation fills responders with the prevailing fear of a world without progress and where actions has no direction.

“I pray for you, that all your misgivings will be melted to thanksgivings.

Remember that the shadow a thing casts often far exceeds the size of the thing itself (especially if the light be low on the horizon) and though some future fear may strut brave darkness as you approach, the thing itself will be but a speck when seen from beyond.

demonstrates to me that the persona is conscious of his age and the limited ‘time’ in the world.

The word “peach” symbolises Prufrock’s pursuit of his lover by creating a sensual imagery of voluptuousness and sexual appetite.

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After spending three years preaching and working among the Quichua people, he decided to reach out to the Huaorani Indians, who were more savage and violent than Quichua.

I was bewildered, yet puzzled, as if I was trying to look for a kind of “meaning” which was not there.

Yet, with each re-reading, I felt elucidated in what was a secret meaning that existed across each poetic stanza.

His efforts to use the native language to communicate the word of Christ proved very effective.

He also maintained a well-organized diary which recorded the trials and tribulations faced by him as a missionary.

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