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It'd also be nice to have the puzzles named some way, so that we can refer to them without having to post them. to what Conceptis uses for their kakuro books, at least, their puzzles and mine have lots of similar attributes.Including the fact their hards and my hards aren't very hard for a seasoned solver. I am also trying to develop Kakuro generating software, and am also familiar with Conceptis puzzles. PS: You must have also noticed, as I have, how very little information about puzzle-generation there is available in the public domain.one with a unique solution) are infinitesmal for any decent grid size.For example, just with a small grid of 10x10, I ran the naive-model random generator for several hours without even coming close to unqueness! However, based on the way top-down Sudoku generators work, I imagine all the generators start by choosing grid size, then pattern of black/white cells ... It's got a timed daily puzzle contest and a solver for registered users, but the generator is available for everyone.

The books are good value, 128 puzzles at about 20c each ().

The generator used for the daily puzzles can be set to produce much harder puzzles, but they can take a time to generate, and it's a Java program, so it's not available to the public.

I also want to keep the daily puzzles' difficulty reasonable, since I personally don't find a ton of enjoyment in incredibly hard puzzles without obvious deductions.

However I have encoded one example from that book (which I've been using to test my solver), so I can display it here in text form.

This is the format used by a free solver that I obtained (from here) .

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