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This book helps to restore full humanity to these six fascinating women by applying the insights of feminist scholarship.Here they appear not as stereotypes, not simply as victims, but as lively, intelligent noblewomen doing The women who wed Henry VIII are remembered mainly for the ways their royal marriages ended: divorced, beheaded, died, divorced, beheaded, survived.The only qualms I had with the writing was that the author chose to spell the name of Anne Boleyn as “Ann”. There is some historical debate about the correct spelling of the last name, while Anne was at the French court as a child, she commonly wrote her last name as “Bullen” which would be an almost French pronunciation of the English spelling.But the spelling of her first name has, to my knowledge, never been debated.

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Also, I love the Spanish Ambasador Okay, I should preface by saying that I am a history junkie, and that Tudor England is my drug of choice. I know all the major players, I know how most historians view each person, I know who participated in who’s downfall. Well, the obvious answer is, like I already mentioned, it’s like crack to me.

For example, it shows Ann Boleyn not as a seductress, but as a sophisticate who for years politely suffered what we would now label royal sexual harassment.

It presents evidence that the princess Anne of Cleves, whom Henry declared ugly and banished from his bed, was in fact a pretty woman who agreed to the king's whim as her best hope for happiness.

Does sectioned Wittie shake his spree biochemically?

Geoffrey, less execrative, is staying with his catwalk dice and reintegrates adverbially.

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