Kids Homework Desks

Les Gambettes makes new-but-retro designed furniture: Their chairs, tables, desk and design accessories mix metal, wood and of course, the most popular surface from the 50s, Formica.

This no-nonsense desk is made with your kids comfort in mind as its simple, contemporary design is at children's level and is truly the perfect base for little ones to uncrate their creativity.

to dot or if they have to write whole book reports, these desks are sure to fill the bill for comfort and design.

We love how the following designer desks take into account not just the luxe looks, but they consider your kid’s comfort too.

We like its foldable tray to store books and paper, and its smooth groove for pencils so they don’t roll away.

It flawless form combines design and functionality.Here are 10 kids' desks that make homework time fun.It's never to early to start learning good study habits. Our children's desks are designed to help organise your kid's space and keep their room clutter-free by creating a designated play area, or by simply giving them a place to draw, study and play.Have fun exploring our range of sizes, shapes, materials and colours!Here's a first: You won't need a single tool to put together this desk.The sturdy fiberboard panels simply snap together in minutes, and you're done!Yes, in true IKEA fashion, you're going to have to put this desk together yourself — but the payoff is well worth the effort.Consider it a blank canvas for your kid's imagination.The Brooklyn desk offers an urban take on your child’s homework space.With its adjustable height and versatile design, it can be endlessly adapted; the desk height accommodates growing children, and goes up to adult height.

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