Kkk Essay Essay About Love Spm

The day I turned eighteen my parents bought me the Ku Klux Klans robe, my father knew the grand wizard, so I did not have to wait or anything.

I still remember when the grand wizard came to me, told me that the black people was having a gathering at the black church.

The federal gave protection to the African Americans to exercise their right to vote.

Malcolm X, an African American, who became another influential spokesman of the Civil Rights movements, was also a Black Muslim.

Borglum was also obsessed with great men, and wanted to be one himself.

He was fascinated by Lincoln in particular, but had a deep appreciation for the Founding Fathers as well.

After the emancipation of the slaves in America, the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) was formed.

This hate group committed heinous murders and other acts of defiance against the equality with African Americans that threatened their social and economic standings.

The departure of Northern troops in 1877 made the white power structure return once again to the South.

The people were scared for them because of the violent outbreaks happening (Sitton, 1964).

In 1965, President Johnson proposed and won the Civil rights Act or the Voting Rights Act.

The goal of the KKK was to restore white superiority and to turn the Republicans who had established the Reconstruction governments out of power.

Their Mohammed Ahmed White Robes They taught me that black people was a disease, a disease that intended to infest the humanity.

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