Knowledge Management And Collaboration At Tata Consultancy Services Case Study Art Essay Conclusion

For the benchmark, only the deposit and loan processing modules were used.

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From its beginnings producing retail banking solutions, the company enhanced its flagship solution, BANCS®, to incorporate universal banking functionality spanning multi-delivery channels, treasury, trade, and payments capabilities built on the same advanced technology foundation.“Being COBOL-based is one of the keys to the BANCS success and the success of the benchmark study.Micro Focus COBOL actually does what some other languages promise–you can basically write once and run anywhere,” Mathieson said.“The benchmark was highly successful and showed that our world class solution, BANCS®, is highly scalable and robust in a Windows environment.Financial organizations may stand to save millions of dollars by running their critical applications on Windows rather than on mainframes or UNIX.” Dean Mathieson Product Development Manager, Delivery Channels and Windows FNS Financial Network Services Pty Ltd (FNS) was acquired by Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) in 2005.By using a Windows back-end for core banking applications, such as BANCS, on a scale similar to the benchmark study, financial organizations can save thousands, if not millions, of dollars in deploying their new systems.“Mainframes and UNIX systems will be around for a great many years in the banking sector.“We already had eight live banking sites operating smoothly using a Windows back-end, so we knew firsthand that BANCS running on Windows was scalable and robust,” said Dean Mathieson, product development manager, Delivery Channels and Windows at FNS.“However we wanted to quantify and validate that performance using rigorous and controlled conditions where the application and architecture could be pushed to their limits.” The BANCS solution automates core banking functions such as deposit processing, loans processing, loan workflow management, contingent account processing, cash accounting, electronic file transfer (EFT) switch management, department collection, and other automated banking transactions integrated across multi-delivery channels.As a result, many of the core banking systems that evolved in the 70s and 80s are still operational in mature banking markets.These tested and proven systems reduce the risk of implementing new software, but at the cost of maintaining legacy and/or older infrastructures with high ongoing maintenance costs Core banking applications historically run on IBM mainframes with a portion moving to UNIX in the late 80s and early 90s to make use of the open architecture.

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