Knowledge Management Initiatives At Ibm Case Study Aboriginal People Essay

This paper attempts to answer this question by analyzing a failed case study in implementing a knowledge management Knowledge is power, especially in the Internet age.That's why companies are trying to figure out precisely what their customers want and how to get it to them before the competition does.These roadblocks are (Although these are not meant to be an exhaustive list, they represent issues that can hinder the effectiveness of a knowledge management effort, costing organizations time, money, resources and—perhaps, most importantly—their ability to affect meaningful business results.was to provide a collaborative working environment for distributed research staff working on new drug development.This project was named In cases where good information content existed it was often difficult to find because (a) it was poorly indexed and/or (b) resources were held on "private" servers.This was a particular problem if the originator of the material moved departments or left the company.The plan was that it would comprise the "Knowledge Store" and a series of "e-rooms".

In literature, a lot of studies have been suggested covering the role of knowledge in improving the performance of management.Just moving data around may or may not add value to anyone in the enterprise (, 2000).Churchman (1971) has emphasized that to treat knowledge as a collection of information is to rob the concept of all of its life; he posits that knowledge resides in the user and not in the collection.Both commercial and public organizations recognize the significance of being effective learning organizations and therefore there is a growing need for individuals who have the appropriate training and experience in the Knowledge Management function.a new working environment where knowledge and experience can easily be shared and also enables information and knowledge to emerge and flow to the right people at the right time so they can act more efficiently and effectively (Smith).The BB Project Team Sandy Mc Donald was keen to make her mark in the company as a new employee with bright ideas and she persuaded Pascal to second one of his junior research staff, Karl Schwartz, to Internal Communications to help her design a prototype "knowledge management system".A placement student in Internal Communications, Paul North, who had been looking for a suitable piece of work that would tie in with his degree in Marketing, also joined the team.The e-rooms were "places" for discussion groups to "meet".It was anticipated that this project would increase knowledge sharing and collaborative working throughout the firm, particularly across national boundaries, and that this would lead to faster drug development amongst the 1000 distributed research staff.So that 70% doesn't mean they fail totally - it means that they don't accomplish what they set out to do.Liam Fahey, an adjunct professor at , says the higher failure rates can be attributed to knowledge management (KM) initiatives that rely too heavily on technology.

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