Kolbe Electrosynthesis

For example, the oxygen-containing compounds of chlorine in different oxidation states can be produced by electrooxidation. The electrosynthesis of sulfuric acid and sulfates serves as the basis for an industrial method of obtaining persulfuric acid and persulfates, which are the salts of the acid (see); from persulfuric acid and some of its salts hydrogen peroxide can be produced.

In such cases, indirect electroreduction or electrooxidation is performed in the solution by means of ions of metals or nonmetals with variable valence that serve as catalyst carriers.

A specific electrode potential corresponds to each step in the process.

The steps involved in electrosynthesis are represented by the equations(1) R n H) that participate in the electrochemical reactions.

The reactions in equation (1) occur at the cathode and are called electroreduction (electrochemical reduction) reactions.

The reactions in equation (2) occur at the anode and are called electrooxidation (electrochemical oxidation) reactions.

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