Lab Report Theory

While this announcement of an event that happened months ago is clearly designed to bolster the British government’s account, in reality it does the opposite.Beginning with Dutch and Swiss media on Thursday night, reports claim that Dutch military intelligence (working with other intelligence agencies including British) detained two men at The Hague in late March, around four weeks after the Skripals were poisoned.So our timeline becomes: March 4th: Skripals are poisoned.March 26th: Two suspected GRU agents arrested trying to break into or hack the Spiez lab.

Scientists receive the result of the titration comparing the concentrations of the working mixtures at the concrete point, which is called an equivalence point, and the volume of wasted reagents.

Instead they waited until months later to announce the news, in the midst of a disinformation war between the British and Russian governments.

While they probably intended for this to support the British government version, given the timeline above it appears to do the opposite by making the BZ claim more credible.

The news reports of the last 36 hours are contradictory on the question of whether this was an attempted cyber-attack (i.e.

hacking into the lab’s computer system) or a physical break-in.

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