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The next highest number of top math schools is found in Germany, which has 29 entrants in the ranking, including Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn and Technische Universität Berlin (TU Berlin) in the top 50.France also performs well, with 20 representatives in the ranking, including Ecole Polytechnique Paris Tech at joint 22.Governments worldwide rightly regard universities as fundamental to the achievement of many national priorities.

This belief is a source of misconceived policies that offer only ultimate disillusion.For instance, ARWU is repeatedly criticised in France, where it triggers an annual controversy, focusing on its ill-adapted character to the French academic system Indeed, a further criticism has been that the metrics used are not independent of university size, e.g.number of publications or award winners will mechanically add as universities are grouped, independently of research (or teaching) quality; thus a merger between two equally-ranked institutions will almost double the merged institutions score and give it a higher ranking, without any change in quality.It needs to be understood, valued and managed as a whole.These perceptions are a direct challenge to not only to governments but to university administrators who have been either cowed or seduced into the slipshod thinking that is leading to demands that universities cannot satisfy, whilst obscuring their most important contributions.A survey on higher education published by The Economist in 2005 commented ARWU as "the most widely used annual ranking of the world's research universities." Chancellor of University of Oxford, Chris Patten and former Vice-Chancellor of Australian National University, Ian Chubb, said: "the methodology looks fairly solid ... Vincke analyse how the ARWU works, using their insights as specialists of Multiple Criteria Decision Making (MCDM).it looks like a pretty good stab at a fair comparison." and "The SJTU rankings were reported quickly and widely around the world... Their main conclusions are that the criteria used are not relevant; that the aggregation methodology has a number of major problems; and that insufficient attention has been paid to fundamental choices of criteria. C Liu and Y Cheng, think that the quality of universities cannot be precisely measured by mere numbers and any ranking must be controversial.There are two categories in ARWU's disciplinary rankings, broad subject fields and specific subjects.The methodology is similar to that adopted in the overall table, including award factors, paper citation, and the number of highly cited scholars.(and they) offer an important comparative view of research performance and reputation." respectively. They suggest that university and college rankings should be used with caution and their methodologies must be understood clearly before reporting or using the results.ARWU has been criticised by the European Commission as well as some EU member states for "favour[ing] Anglo-Saxon higher education institutions".

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