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In this article, we’ll help you better understand the assignments feature and how it can help you save time assigning digital content to the whole class, small groups, and individual students.Raz-Plus’ library of resources can be found under the Resources tab on the product website.As I have explained in my post on online student engagement, active online learning is key when it comes to motivating learners. An online course championing “active online learning” should prompt the learner to participate and contribute.

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You know how important assignments are for your students.will help you refine your teaching methods and take your practice closer to that perfect world.The presenter keeps the professional development real too.She is now working as a freelance consultant, speaker,...The Raz-Plus assignments feature makes it easier for you to provide personalized resources to support blended learning for every student in your classroom.The presenter will show you how students learn better when they see connections between their lives and your course content, and will provide you with tools to keep your students working and learning.Be sure your teaching methods are up to the challenge of the practical side of pedagogy. Product Code: PM13PA Linda Suskie, MA Freelance Consultant, Speaker, and Writer, Linda Suskie has served as a vice president at the Middle States Commission on Higher Education, an accreditor of colleges and universities in the mid-Atlantic region of the United States for seven years.If a course assignment includes a due date, users will see the recommended due date in their course assignment email.Users will also receive an email reminder at the midway point between the date the course was assigned and the due date to keep them motivated.After viewing this Magna 20 Minute Mentor, youll be able to: In a perfect world, each one of your course assignments would help students bridge the gap between pedagogy and the real world.How Can I Create Meaningful Assignments for My Students?

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