Lewis And Clark Essay Prompt Comparison And Contrast Essay Themes

What would students choose to send to Jefferson as examples of their current culture that he would not have seen before? Lead a discussion with students about the challenges encountered by the members of the Expedition.

Possible topics might be: Lewis and Clark sent back numerous samples of pressed flowers and plants unknown to Thomas Jefferson.

Thomas Jefferson asked for the following information to be found and recorded.

Have students write a letter to Thomas Jefferson describing in detail three things found in their immediate surroundings that would be unknown to him.For example, if you founded a volunteer peer-tutoring program in your community, you could mention your inspiration for starting the project, discuss meaningful interactions you had with students, or explain how you resolved a major conflict between a tutor and a tutee. An impactful work experience: If you’ve held a job that illustrates real-world experience, commitment, and service, this essay is a good opportunity to present your sense of purpose in the job, the real-world life skills the job has enabled you to develop, and any potential connection to your career aspirations.Try to think of the ways your work experience has shaped your life, whether through exposure to different environments or social scenes, through development of stronger collaboration or time management skills, or through a greater sense of financial responsibility.In a culminating project, they create a medicine box or bag from plants.The Lewis & Clark Expedition: Documenting the Uncharted Northwest Students in grades 5-12 describe some of the challenges and successes that the Corps of Discovery experienced at various stages of its journey and explain the historical implications of the Louisiana Purchase.Have students research the importance of buffalo to Native American people and have students create masks of buffalo or other animals of the Great Plains.Native American tribes were very important to the Expedition.Founded in 1887 in Worcester, Massachusetts, Clark University is a liberal-arts based research university renowned for its immersive educational experience, impactful research, and connected community.Ranked #16 by Forbes in “America’s Most Entrepreneurial Universities,” and #16 by the Princeton Review in “Top Schools For Making an Impact,” Clark University has built a reputation as a place that transforms intellectual daringness into impactful real-world solutions.Lead a discussion on what students think were the major contributions of the Lewis & Clark Expedition.Have students create a newspaper on their experiences as members of the Expedition. Possible article topics: Indian people encountered, difficulties along the trail (Great Falls, prickley pear cactus, mosquitoes, lack of food, grizzly bears, etc.), and highlights of the trip.

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