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There are three options for access to your thesis in the repository.

In some circumstances, however, it may be necessary to delay or to withhold online access to the thesis.In keeping with these commitments, the electronic copy of your thesis will be made available on the web, via the University's institutional publications repository, Minerva Access.Making your thesis publicly available via Minerva Access, has the following benefits: An online guide covering the basics of Open Access (OA) is available on the University's Libguide website.You should obtain copyright permissions as early as possible to avoid delays in submitting your thesis.When creating the list of third party copyright material included in your thesis, please use the Template for Listing Third Party Copyright Material.The Library only requires an electronic copy of your thesis.The electronic copy must be deposited to the University of Melbourne Institutional Repository, Minerva Access, via the Thesis Examination System (TES) once a final 'pass' has been recommended.If you need an extension beyond four years, submit a completed application to the Graduate Research Examinations Office by email.No access means that the thesis metadata (including title, author, abstract, keywords) may not be displayed and must be approved by the Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Graduate and International Research) and is normally approved for up to one year.If you have not been successful in obtaining these permissions, you will need to deposit two copies of the thesis.Likewise, if your thesis includes confidential or sensitive material you should consider depositing two copies. If you are unsure what constitutes third-party copyright and what is legitimate use and what use would require permission, see Copyright in my Thesis.

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