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It is assumed that author’s passionate sensibility to vengeance takes its origin from his life experienced when he lost his beloved women: his mother, Jane Stanard, his childhood friend and Virginia Clem, his cousin who became his wife at the age of 13.He was seeking for vengeance to the life itself as it took the sense of his existence.The neurotic obsession with violence and death is clearly traced in the episode when Montresor buries Fortunato in the catacombs.The accurate details of Fortunato’s agony before death, desperate attempts to ask for mercy, his wild anger and almost animal crying reveal how the author appreciates human sufferings and approves the act of terrible vengeance.People are involved in dramatic events shaped by inner darkness of human souls, their thought and intensions.These features usually make Poe’s stories unusual, where the philosophy of dramatic existence is sublimed into horror scenes of murders, vengeance, and cannibalism.The readers see the act of vengeance which ends in murder, the murderer and his victim.

On the other hand, a literature review is designed to be a critical analysis of all the knowledge that has been discovered about a subject.His rebellious spirit later helped him to create one’s own rules in literature and establish two new literature genres: horror novel and detective story.The overwhelming majority of Poe’s writings are recognized as dark and measured in spite of the balanced death and beauty in their plots.The second volume, “Al Aaraaf, Tamerlane, and Minor Poems”, attracted more attention of the readers in 1829.He could be a good officer, but because his foster father could not provide him with a financial support, Poe began to ignore his duties and violate regulations and later was dismissed from the Academy.Poe’s verses illustrate an intense faculty for technical and abstract beauty, with the rhyming art to excess, an incorrigible propensity toward nocturnal themes, a demoniac undertone behind every page. There is an indescribable magnetism about the poet’s life and reminiscences, as well as the poems (p. The life of Edgar Allan Poe is characterized by a personal and professional turmoil.American publishers refused to print works of a young poet as the copyright law of those times made reprinting British books more profitable business.Use it as a roadmap to composing your own unique piece for college.Literature is believed to be a wonderful world where phantasy of the writer is mixed with the experience of his life, thoughts and emotions.The purpose of an essay is to use what is known about a subject to prove an argument or point of view.Not all of the knowledge of a topic may be used in an essay, but only what is relevant to the argument.

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