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These rhythms determine sleep and wake cycle and are greatly influenced by the presence or absence of light.

An individual will require sleep for as many as 19 hours at a time when they are an infant (up until three months of age) and as little as five hours when they are older than 60.

It is also a time to develop knowledge and skills, learn to manage emotions and relationships, and acquire attributes and abilities that will be important for enjoying the adolescent years and assuming adult roles.

All societies recognize that there is a difference between being a child and becoming an adult.

REM, or disorganized, sleep takes up about half of the sleep cycle for children under two years of age because it is during this part of the cycle that the brain develops (especially the cerebral cortex).

After two years of age, people stay in REM mode only 20% of the time. The brain grows and shrinks, the level of energy grows and recedes, hairlines change, and the amount of sleep needed to feel rested also fluctuates. Sleep does change throughout the life cycle, but it is greatly affected by outside sources also.

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Over the course of the second decade, adolescents develop stronger reasoning skills, logical and moral thinking, and become more capable of abstract thinking and making rational judgements.

Changes taking place in the adolescent’s environment both affect and are affected by the internal changes of adolescence.

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Adolescence is a period of life with specific health and developmental needs and rights.

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