Literature Review Systematic Review

It is NOT always appropriate to include grey literature in a review.

[email protected]; 330-672-1659 Special support: Systematic methods for literature reviews; and Zotero, Mendeley, and End Note. Library research management: software & strategies. Library research models "Pictures" showing the process of "reviewing the literature".

The reviews usually then summarize, synthesize, critique, and/or use that information as "background" for a research project or for addressing research questions.

The purposes, types of projects, and the "end products" for reviews do vary, and reviews are found in all disciplines.

​This guide provides an overview of the literature review process including useful tips and advice on effective searching and managing of resources.

The guide is intended as a starting point for any student or researcher new to the literature review process.

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The information is gathered from a range of resources (possibly a large number of resources).Discipline subject areas: Anthropology, Jewish Studies, Psychology, Philosophy, Sociology, and Religion. General steps Some specifics on systematic steps for completing a review. General/What/Why Brief information about the use of "systematic methods" for reviews (including which disciplines).In both the Basic and Advanced Search, CINAHL has a Review Articles checkbox.This will retrieve literature reviews, systematic reviews, and integrative reviews. In the Publication Type menu, you can select both Meta-Analysis and Review at the same time (use CTRL-click or Cmd-click to select multiple options in the menu).Indexing, abstracts, and full-text from nursing and allied health journals.The base CINAHL with Full Text is paid for by Research IT and the CT State Library.A guide that covers "how to to a literature review" has been available here.The goal of this guide is to provide information and resources that can be used to develop literature reviews that are "more rigorous or systematic" than those completed using "traditional literature review approaches".Literature reviews are summaries of the literature on a particular topic.Reviews are generally considered "research", especially systematic and integrative reviews, but are not experimental in nature.

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