Long Honours Thesis

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PSYC*4870 Honours Thesis I [0.50 credit] Under individual faculty supervision, students plan, develop, and write a research proposal and prepare an extensive review paper on their area of research.

-All students registered in PSYC*4870 must also register in PSYC*4780 (NEUR students may register for NEUR*4000 instead of PSYC*4780) Bailey Bingham, Claire Coulter, Dr. Shoshanah Jacobs Metacognition and exam performance: Tools for effective learning Poster Sarah Hollywood, Rachel L. Mark Fenske Mood killer: Response inhibition reduces the capacity of erotic stimuli to elicit feelings of sexual arousal Poster Jonah Stub and Dr. Gloria Gonzalez-Morales The Effect of Conversation Topic on Dominance Behaviour Poster Aleece Katan and Dr.

Heidi Bailey Self-Compassion as a Moderator of Reactions to Social Rejection Poster Brianne Gayfer, Jasmine Mahdy (MA) and Dr.

If you are unclear about any expectations either small or large, please do not hesitate to ask for clarification. The bulk of the work on the various tasks should be completed during the following months.

Recommendations The following list includes recommendations that will help you through your thesis project. Although writing a strong thesis is not a one-size-fits all prescription, there are a number of things that will help you with the process.

This can be done by depositing your thesis in the Honors Thesis collection of the University of Michigan’s Deep Blue electronic archive.

Participating in this program will have many benefits; most importantly, your work will be permanently accessible to scholars around the world.

"Soft" deadline for submission application package. This should include: -completed "request to enrol form" (template above - Action #2) -Personal Statement (maximum 300 words) -Unofficial copy of your transcript Add period for Fall'19: IF the following has occured you will receive a course waiver allowing you to register in PSYC*4870: -your application is accepted, AND -you and your instructor have signed the course outline -Ensure course outline has been signed and you are registered in the course.

My past experience has been that students working in isolation on a project make progress only around hard and fast deadlines and tend to lag significantly during other periods.

I believe that the group process will help with this.

Although we will predominantly be meeting in a group setting, you should also feel free to make personal appointments with me as needed.

During the spring semester, your project will likely be at a stage where we will need to spend more one-on-one time together.

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