Major University Research Paper Guide

Unlike a Directed Study (EN690), in which the student meets weekly with a professor, the MRP relies upon student research and writing rather than individual instruction by a professor.

Students whose proposals are approved should enrol in the MRP (EN695) in the spring term.

You will then have 2-3 weeks in July to implement that feedback and complete the paper before submitting a final version of the 40-50 page MRP to the supervisor on Aug. We advise that you take these deadlines very seriously.

Experience has shown that students cannot expect to receive a passing grade by mid-August if they do not submit strong work in June.

Final grades are submitted in mid-August, allowing for a fall convocation and conferral of degree.

The MRP supervisor must be an academic expert in the area of study that you plan to pursue for the MRP.

The vetting process involves the prospective faculty supervisor and the Graduate Studies Committee.

If the proposal is not passed, the student will register for a winter course.

This will be assessed through a two-page report on MRP research undertaken over the term, due to the supervisor by March 30, and a meeting with the supervisor in the first week of April to discuss progress and plans for the research and writing stage of the project.

The Major Research Paper (EN695) is shorter than a thesis, but still provides an opportunity to practice well-researched and sustained research on an original topic.

Typically, a Major Research Paper (MRP) will range from 40-50 double-spaced pages. As described below, students’ proposals must be approved by both the prospective supervisor and the departmental Graduate Studies Committee in December before they can enrol in EN695.

The graduate coordinator can also assist the student in identifying professors with expertise in the area of study.

Until the proposal has been approved by the Graduate Studies Committee, the professor’s supervision of the project is an agreement in principle only.

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