Man And Nature Essay

Psychologists contend with the fact that nature vs nurture debate is the oldest discussion that has elicited various discussions besides reasons that try to justify certain angles or persuasion elevating either side of the argument.The ever resurgent question is, however, what really is nurture and what is nature?Whether nature in the context of its proponents is the sole influencer of whom we become or nurture significantly outweighs nature in its influencing role is an argument that is neither there nor here.The recognition has been accorded to the fact that both nature and nurture are critically paramount as they play an equal role in determining what we become and our character as people.Accordingly, the nativists are advancing the argument that inheritance is the cause of character formation as well as behavior. According to other schools of thoughts, the characteristics, as well as man's behavior, emanate from a process of evolution whereby the genes and their characteristics are transferred right from the lineage to the child.These traits are carried further to the point of adulthood and they are what defined our uniqueness.

This implies that people's ability to become what they become later in life is a result of how they are conditioned but not on the basis of their hereditary affiliation.However, there is generally a consensus to the effect that nature vs nurture is just a debate but they cannot be isolated as both complements each other.With that, here is an example nature versus nurture essay.In as much as there are so many factors that influences one’s behavior, one agreeable position among most debaters is that nurture and nature are of great importance in the growth of humans.Accordingly, the deliberation of nurture against nature centers on nature’s responsibility to fit behavior and how one develops is not restricted but are always determinants coming from the choices they make.Why do they attract a lot of debate in the first place?To begin with, nature is defined as a wholesome genetic makeup of a person including the influences emanating from hereditation which eventually makes people who they are physically and with regards to their persona.The approach to understanding the outstanding issue that is nature vs nurture has always been one put against the other with fewer regards to the substance of either.This has effectively contributed to a prolonged debate of nature vs nurture that has left scholars with making a decision on which side outweighs the other in terms of their influence.Other than the obvious influences that are affected by our genetic composition such as the color of our eyes, hair, and diseases like diabetes, a person’s lifestyle which is largely environmental can influence his or her lifespan Our immune system can be compromised if we opt for food or a lifestyle that is devastating our health for example consumption of oily foodstuff which is full of cholesterol can clog our arteries hence contribute to heart diseases.Nature vs nurture contention has been settled and there is indeed equal contribution that both make in growth and development of man.

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