Marketing Mix Coursework

This strategic tool blends these variables together to produce the results an organization wants to achieve in its specific target market.

The following categories would describe the 4 Ps of Marketing; Product The product can define as a physical product or services offered to the consumer.

While internal reasons refers to how much an organization should take into account of profit margins.

This also directs to the prices set as a response to its competitors.

Marketing is a diverse academic discipline encompassing many areas of inquiry, ranging from understanding consumer response to various elements of the marketing mix (products, pricing, advertising, etc.) to how marketing managers cope with their job requirements.

You’ll experience this diversity in the program first-hand via doctoral seminars.

Now back to state that I mentioned at the start, Marketing is identified to be a business function in an organization, where it defines a possible target market and accordingly applies product and services to serve these markets with the idea that it would identify possible consumer needs.

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The student must form a dissertation committee comprised of willing faculty members and chaired by a faculty member with Dissertation Advisor Status. Practitioners and historians argued that the revolutionary ideas in the field of marketing comes way back from the ancient world, while some marketing scholars suggest that those revolutionary ideas was modernized in the beginning of the 20 century, though some debated that marketing ideas was already studying in ancient and medieval ages. Putting the right product in the right place, at the right price, at the right time, I will get back to this later, first I give you a short outlook from where the concept of marketing emerged.To prepare you as a strong educator, in addition to the curriculum’s teaching focus, you’ll also serve as a teaching assistant and receive instructional training before fulfilling teaching opportunities later in your program.MAR 6936 Special Topics: Marketing Research Methodology II MAR 6936 Special Topics: Seminar in Consumer Welfare & Well-Being MAR 6936 Special Topics: Statistical Methods in Consumer Research EDF 7419C Applied Regression Analysis MAR 7817 Marketing Management Seminar MAR 6936 Special Topics: Speaker Series EDF 7412C Structural Equation Modeling MAR 6915 (Independent Study in Marketing) or an elective class approved by department’s program director.Promotions includes, advertising through billboards, through media (TV commercial), building public relations, personal selling and sales promotions.Place Place, refers to how the target customer would receive the product, meaning business location where the products would be displayed.The proposal will describe the purpose of the proposed research, the research hypotheses to be tested, how these hypotheses will be tested, and the expected contribution of the research comprising the dissertation.The dissertation is important for not only fulfilling program requirements, but for providing the student with publishable research that is critical in the beginning stage of the student’s future career as a faculty member.These projects are supervised by faculty and are multi-faceted in their intended purpose.Since many students have never been involved in an in-depth research project, the first year’s project is intended to familiarize you with the research process.

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