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There are five key elements that we examine, all of which form the basis of any great essay: A well-crafted essay will have a clear sense of structure.

This is the template upon which to hang your message.

That's why having a professional pair of eyes review your work before you submit it can be invaluable.

What we look for in a great essay is likely to be the same as what your tutor is looking for.

It may sound obvious, but no two markers are the same. We may have different stylistic preferences, and what interests us will vary.

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The context of the question and, therefore, the overall scope of the essay should also be explicit.So, while seeking to improve an essay, we look for whether the writer has answered the what, where, who and why questions in the introduction. Yes, the essay title gives us some idea but here is where we expect to see it made explicit. And the main body forms the bulk of your assignment.Its organisation will depend on the type of exercise you have undertaken, and what requirements and constraints have been set by your assessors.The essay marking service we provide here at Oxbridge Essays seeks to provide students with a better insight into their own essay writing so they can, in turn, improve their grades. How do we arrive at an estimated grade for your work? And, how does this compare to the marking process your university tutor or lecturer will use?But how do we go about marking your essay, dissertation or other assignment? If you're interested in knowing how the academic marking process really works (and you should be – it will help you immensely), then read on.Get your structure right and you’re well on the way to creating a great essay.Getting it right is all about organisation and ensuring you include all the necessary elements.We look for these elements during the marking process and then give feedback on any areas that need attention.In this sense, we are the critical reader to you as an academic writer.When writing essays, it can be challenging to take a step back and read your work as the audience would.For students, this audience is usually a lecturer or tutor: a person with the power to give good or bad grades.

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