Master Thesis Image Processing

Teach Vision CS Lecture Notes by David Yang, University of Sussex at Brighton, UK Distributed Representation and Analysis of Visional Motion Ph. D thesie by Alexander DIMAI, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology May 1999 ISBN 3- 905588- 01-3 114. Image Representation, Indexing and Retrieval Based on Spatial Relationships and Properties of Objects Ph. Combining Graph Matching and Hough Transform for Hand-Drawn Graphical Document Analysis. D thesis by Josep Lladós Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, SETEMBRE 1997 Netra: A Toolbox for Navigating Large Image Databases Ph. Machine Vision: Theory, Algorithms, Practicalities By E. Learning to Recognise 3D Objects from 2D Intensity Images Ph. of Computer Science of James Cook University of North Queensland, New Zealand 21. D thesis by Daniel Scharstein, 1997, Cornell University 22. D thesis by Wei­Ying Ma UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA Santa Barbara June 1997 Dissertation by Ole Møller Nielsen, Department of Mathematical Modelling UNIffl C Technical University of Denmark Technical University of Denmark, 1998 D thesis by Andrea Fusiello, University of Udine, Italy, November 1998 31. Fast Motion Estimation Techniques for Video Compression Master thesis by CHEUNG Chok Kwan, CITY UNIVERSITY OF HONG KONG, July 1998 35. Alder, University of Western Australia, 1995-96 38. Papers of Robotics Research Group of Oxford University Image Warp Design Based on Variational Principles Ph. of Numerical Analysis and Computing Science of KTH ( Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden), Oct. Image Sequence Description Using Spatio-Temporal Flow Curves: Toward Motion-Based Recognition Ph. A Real-Time 3D Motion Tracking System Master thesis of Johnny Wai Yee Kam, Dept. Integrated Spatial and Feature Image Systems: Retrieval, Analysis and Compression Ph. Principles of Pattern Classification: Statistical, Neural Net and Syntactic methods of getting robots to see and hear Lecture Notes by Dr. Disparity Estimation and Intermediate View Reconstruction for Novel Applications in Stereoscopic Video Master thesis by Anthony Mancini, Dept. D thesis by Nur Arad, Tel-Aviv University, 1995 45. of Mathematical Modelling Section for Digital Signal Processing of Technical University of Denmark, 1996 of Electrical Engineering of Mc Gill University, Montreal June 1994 Your work will focus on the development of a new image processing and analysis tool to process and analyse images captured by scanning electron microscopy of particulate systems that come from various sources of the international group, e.g.pharmaceutical products, chemical products and samples from the many innovative Research and Development projects You will become acquainted with scanning electron microscopy and gain experience in capturing and evaluating high resolution images of particles down to the nanometre range. Alignment by Maximization of Mutual Information Ph. Low Bit-rate Predictive Coding Techniques for Image and Video Compression Master thesis by Lai-Tak Leung City University of Hong Kong June 1997 (non-hard copy) 94. Detecting Salient Regions in an Image: From Biological Evidence to Computer Implementation Ph. D thesis by Stefan Krüger University of Bristol July 1998. Morphological shape representation using the skeleton decomposition: application to image coding Ph. PERCEPTUAL METRICS FOR IMAGE DATABASE NAVIGATION Ph. Practical Digital Video With Programming Example in C Phillip E. Paper of Vision Interface'99 Toris-Rivieres, Canada, 19-21, May, 1999 90. D thesis by Fabrice Moscheni, EPFL, Lausanne, 1997 Motion Analysis and Estimation using Multiresolution Affine Models Ph. D thesis by Scott Cohen, Stanford University May 1999

Understanding and analytical characterization of these new products is a precondition for the understanding and prediction of the processability as well as efficiency of the final product.

of Computer Science, University of British Columbia, April, 1993 TR-93-16 for the title) 32. of Electrical Engineering of Mc Gill University Feb. Deformable Contours: Modeling, Extraction, Detection and Classification Ph. of Electrical Engineering of University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1994 46. Toward Discrete Geometric Models for Early Vision Ph. Understanding Intensity and Illumination Transitions Ph.

Three-Dimensional Recognition of Solid Objects from a Two-Dimensional Image Ph.

Localization and Segmentation of Annotating Object for Region-based Video Coding Master thesis by Godart Grégory Linköping Institute of Technology 1997 30. of Computer Science, New York University, Oct.1992 file://edu/pub/theses 37. Ivins, Dept of Psychology of University of Sheffield, April 1996 of Computer Sciences of University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1991 54.

Three­Dimensional Vision For Structure and Motion Estimation Ph. Lectures on Integration of Several Variables By Dr. of Engineering Science of Oxford University 1992 40. of Engineering Science of University of Oxford, 1996 of Computer Science of University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1991 50. D thesis by Stefano Soatto, California Institute of Technology, May 1996 Appearance Models of Three-Dimensional Shape for Machine Vision and Graphics Ph. Efficient Representaiton of Video Sequences and Their Application (M.

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