Master Thesis Taxation

This programme is an opportunity for graduates to develop, and for practitioners to update and hone, their knowledge of tax law.

Courses are scheduled to take into account work commitments and 15-point courses are all taught intensively over three consecutive days (normally Thursday to Saturday).

This certification is recognition from the Japanese government that our school is well-qualified to improve the knowledge, abilities, and practical skills of working people in Japan.

In addition to the accreditation by international organizations such as the AACSB and AMBA, this domestic recognition provides further confidence to students in their employability and practical Japanese management skills.

Up to three subjects can be exempted from the Licensed Tax Accountant Examination for students enrolled in the MSc Program in Taxation.

This weekend program uses the ‘case method’ extensively in order for students to have practical exposure to real-life examples.

In our exchange program, students are able to study abroad while tuition fees at partner schools are waived.We believe that our instructors must have practiced what they teach - nothing beats real-world experience.The methodology opened the possibility to think about the case problem based on the law, the theory and the case precedent .International associations, such as AACSB International and AMBA, accredit business schools which meet their strict standards for the quality of education.In the international business community, only programs with international accreditation are considered “real MSc programs".While enrolled in the program you will acquire specialist management knowledge through the MBA-based curriculum while increasing your strategic intellectual focus in taxation.There are more than 10,000 management education programs in the world.A faculty advisor will be assigned to each student to supervise them through this process.Additionally, a special course titled "Thesis Instruction" teaches students important skills in thesis writing.Complete the course in four days over two weekends.Master's thesis instruction seminars are held at night on weekdays once every two weeks, allowing you to balance your studies with your work schedule.

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