Masters Programs Without Thesis What Is The Thesis Of The Feminine Mystique

These research assurances must be approved prior to the initiation of any thesis-related research, and the approvals must be provided to the Graduate School at the time the student submits the Nomination of Examining Committee form.

A final oral examination of the thesis will be held when the student has completed the thesis to the satisfaction of the student's advisor, all other requirements for the degree have been completed, and a 3.0 grade point average (computed in accordance with the regulations described under "Grades for Graduate students") has been earned.

Approval for an underload requires that all degree requirements be completed, all paperwork submitted and the assistantship terminated by the 30th day of the term. Comprehensive exam: If a comprehensive exam is required by the department, the student must register for the appropriate section and have a “P” grade submitted before clearance. A.) requirements: In addition to the requirements listed above, candidates for the Master of Arts degree must meet the following requirements: Six or more semester hours of graduate credit in the following fields: art; classical language, literature, and civilization; English; history; humanities; modern languages and linguistics; music; philosophy; religion; and theatre.If the thesis research involves the use of vertebrate animals, animal use protocols must be approved in advance by the Animal Care and Use Committee.If the thesis research involves hazardous materials, either biological or chemical, or recombinant RNA/DNA, the research must be approved by the appropriate University committee.Total hours: Minimum 30, of which at least 21 must be taken on a letter-graded basis.Time limit: Master's students must complete all requirements for the degree within seven years of beginning coursework.Students pursuing a course-type master's (no thesis) must complete the following university and college requirements.Please see your departmental advisor for additional departmental requirements.The Thesis Examining Committee is appointed by the Dean of the Graduate School, in accordance with the policies listed below: Oral Examination Requirement.Each master's thesis student must defend orally his or her master's thesis as a requirement in partial fulfillment of the master's degree (an additional comprehensive written examination may be required at the option of the program.) Theses are to be submitted to the Graduate School in electronic format after final approval of the document by the Thesis Examining Committee.This is a free public archive of academic work by University faculty and graduate students.The submission of the thesis to the University in fulfillment of degree requirements grants the University the one-time, non-exclusive right to publish the document on DRUM.

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