Mba Hr Research Papers

Starting from day one, my experiencing at Chandigarh University was amazing.I got a chance to learn a lot many things and interact with people from around the globe.

Pursuing an industry sponsored MBA in Banking & Financial Engineering has helped me learn so many things and softwares such as Tally, FLIP and more, which were demanded at HDFC.It was a great time I spent in Chandigarh University.CU has amazing and cooperative faculty and campus environment is extremely positive.But, the stupendous support of my faculty and TPP trainers helped me grab one.Now, I will be shortly joining Tommy Hilfiger as a CRO and I am really happy for this.One of the major downsides to a MM in human resources management is that most of these degree programs require you to have at least five years of experience in the human resources field.Some require even more experience and the top MM programs might actually require you to have some management experience before you even apply.My experience at Chandigarh University has been very good. I was very nervous as it was my first interview, but everything flew smoothly.Chandigarh University is a good platform to make new friends, learn new things and new languages as well.MBA programs are on the same level, as far as program difficulty goes, as other types of master’s degree programs, but many people consider an MBA to be extremely prestigious, so having this type of degree can also help you land a top job in the field of human resources, especially if you attend a top MBA program.Like an MBA program, a Master of Management (or, MM) gives you a more comprehensive business education with certain classes focusing on the topic of human resources.

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