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Schools rely on students to run many programs, such as professional clubs, and want to know that you will be an active participant in the campus culture.

In fact, MBA programs tend to do almost every class and activity in groups.

” or Duke Fuqua’s “25 Random Things”, it is easy to get overwhelmed thinking that you will have to write a completely different essay with a different subject for every question on every application.

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It is important to network with schools beforehand and then use what you learned to show that only their institution really has the resources to make your goals a reality. They want to know that you will add something to their institution by attending.

The truth of the matter is that people get admitted to MBA programs for many reasons.

Menlo Coaching has bought and reviewed several editions of the Harbus Essay Guide, which contains a number of successful HBS essays…

It can seem like there are an infinite variety of MBA admissions essays.

With famous examples, like Stanford GSB’s “What Matters Most to You, and Why?

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