Medal Of Honor Recipient Essay

His youthful golden gloves experience resurfaced when he took on a Nazi guard in a fist fight, – Crawford knocked the Nazi out cold.

Back home Crawford’s family had presumed he was killed in action and his Medal of Honor was presented to his father posthumously.

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TASK 4: Identify a minimum of 3 antonyms for your group’s core value.

Toungette said one advantage of the Medal of Honor program is that it's free.

However, Toungette said teachers would need to find time to implement the program into their lessons.

The Medal of Honor character development program provides educators with free DVDs that feature the stories of Medal of Honor recipients and lesson plans that a teacher can incorporate into their classes, said Dennis Cavin, chairman of Nashville Salutes, an initiative to bring living Congressional Medal of Honor recipients to Nashville. An English teacher could, for example, teach comprehension by asking students to write an essay comparing the Medal of Honor recipient's experience in the video to the actual Medal of Honor citation, Cavin said.

School districts already implement character development in their curriculum, but not all use the Medal of Honor program as a character development resource.

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