Media Effect On Politics Essay

Hierarchies would dissolve and peer-to-peer collaborations would take their place.“Like a force of nature,” wrote Negroponte, “the digital age cannot be denied or stopped.” One of the deepest ironies of our current situation is that the modes of communication that enable today’s authoritarians were first dreamed up to defeat them.

In 1933, the With coordinated newspaper headlines overpowering him, with radio voices beseeching him, with news reels and feature pictures arousing him, and with politicians and professors philosophizing for him, the individual German has been unable to salvage his identity and has been engulfed in a brown wave. Given the rise of right-wing fervor in the United States at the time, he had reason to worry.he Goliath of totalitarianism will be brought down by the David of the microchip,” Ronald Reagan said in 1989.He was speaking to a thousand British notables in London’s historic Guildhall, several months before the fall of the Berlin Wall.On February 20, 1939, the Bund brought more than 22,000 Americans to New York’s Madison Square Garden to welcome fascism to American shores.When they gathered, a huge banner hung over their heads: media to do it would transform Americans into just the kind of authoritarians they were trying to defeat.Thousands of American fascists banded together in groups with names like the Silver Legion of America and the Crusader White Shirts.The Amerikadeutscher Volksbund, a 25,000-member pro-Nazi organization commonly known as the Bund, ran a summer camp on Long Island called Camp Siegfried, where young men marched in Nazi-style uniforms as their friends and families cheered.Members of the Committee joined many American intellectuals in subscribing to the views of the anthropologist Franz Boas, who believed that cultures shape the personalities of their members in predictable ways.Germans, they thought, tended toward rigidity and an affection for authority, hence Hitler’s famously bureaucratic Nazi regime was a natural extension of the German character.Even as they grant us the power to communicate with others around the globe, our social-­media networks have spawned a new form of authoritarianism.he political vision that brought us to this point emerged in the 1930s, as a response to fascism.

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