Media Research Papers

NOTE: EACH SUBMITTER/AUTHOR IS LIMITED TO FIVE (5) PEER-REVIEWED SUBMISSIONS (INCLUDING ALL PAPERS AND PANELS). To avoid technical problems, early submission is strongly encouraged.

The conference submission website will go online around 1 September 2018.

These include: Communication and media are part and parcel of these trends, sometimes as instigators, other times as the result, most often as important conduits for this crossing of boundaries.Papers or panels must be submitted simultaneously for consideration to any division or interest group.Panel proposals on the conference theme must include a 400-word rationale explaining how the panel fits the conference theme and 150-word summary of the rationale to appear in the conference program.If you are an ICA member, this should be the same e-mail address you have entered into the ICA membership database.You should consider this your unique identification for all ICA purposes.As communication scholars, we have important insights into areas as diverse as bioethics, artificial intelligence, robotics and cryptocurrencies, as well as how to create more just and equal multicultural societies.The final point also encourages us to think about the role of academics in crossing the boundaries of academia into society, as advisers and activists, reaching out to regulators, industries, civil society organisations and activist groups.Beyond that, communication has long been a highly porous field, shaping and being shaped by its interaction with many academic disciplines in the Humanities and Social Sciences.With the rapid expansion of digital communication, and growing awareness of the environmental impact of human activity, the extent of its engagement with the Natural as well as the Human Sciences is increasingly apparent.These examples emphasize that it is timely to consider the boundary-crossing nature and relevance/impact of contemporary communication.This require interdisciplinary research that crosses the silos of disciplines and research fields.

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