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You can for example use the proposal you have written for a funding agency, or you use your own format. All new research proposals and grant applications should be submitted to the Science Committee before the start of the project.

Just make sure that the proposal contains sufficient information about all 12 criteria listed below, as the Science Committee assesses research proposals on the following criteria: Please find here those criteria explained in more detail. It is advised to submit the proposal as soon as the proposal has been funded by a funding organisation.

A short review is performed by only one member of the Science committee.

In case of doubt, the proposal will be discussed during the Science committee meeting. Lung Foundation Netherlands (Longfonds - before; Astmafonds) i. Netherlands Brain Foundation (Hersenstichting) These are the major grant providers.

If a research proposal has not been funded yet or is funded by an organisation without a thorough peer review system, a thorough review will be performed. Please contact the secretary when your project has been granted by a provider with a thorough peer review system that is not on this list.

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Most agencies provide detailed instructions or guidelines concerning the preparation of proposals (and, in some cases, forms on which proposals are to be typed).Your submission consists of 2 documents: 1 pdf containing your proposal and the form with additional information. When participants are recruited at a VUmc department: have you included a letter of the department?When your proposal involves inclusion of patients of a VUmc care department, the head of the department should be informed.: As of January 2nd, the 'old' Science Committee of APH-VU/VUmc (EMGO ) will not accept any new proposals.Already submitted proposals will be assessed and properly settled according to the former EMGO procedures.Projects that have already started will not be reviewed by the Science Committee and consequently, will not be embedded within the APH Institute.A project is considered as having started when the first participant has been recruited, or the first interview or the first measurement has taken place. Is a researcher appointed at one of the APH-VU/VUmc departments involved with this project?They will be reassessed after you have provided the additional information.Please note that the Science Committee assesses proposals only twice.This procedure was developed to determine whether the proposal is suitable for embedding within the APH Institute.In addition, the procedure is designed to monitor the scientific quality of APH-VU/VUmc research projects and to meet the formal review criteria set by third parties (including the Medical Ethics Committee and the Ph D Committee). First, its relevance to outpatient health care and the degree to which it is in line with the Institute's research programs will be reviewed by the program leaders.

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