Michigan Assigned Claims Facility Essays And Arguments

The Court of Appeals held that, applying the plain language of both Progressive's named driver exclusion and MCL 500.3009(2), at the time of Pillars' accident, all liability coverage was void because an excluded driver was operating the vehicle.

You should always get healthy and focus on your recovery. It applies no matter who is at fault in the accident.

In Michigan, if you're injured in an auto accident, your injuries must meet a threshold before you can file a "third-party" claim.

At Muth Law, we refer to that threshold as "you must be this injured to sue," similar to a Cedar Point Amusement Park ride height requirement.

Our experienced personal injury attorneys at Muth Law know Michigan’s auto accident and insurance laws and guide injured passengers through the process to secure maximum reimbursement, enabling the injured individuals to focus on recovering.

In the situation where someone is injured in an accident as a passenger in a car, and the driver of that car is responsible for the accident, there are some general rules that apply.

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