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Microeconomics discusses economic theory from the perspective of the elements of economics that make up the "big picture" of macroeconomics.

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This simplified outline provide students with a means of understanding the scope of economics, but to understand the way it works Parkin refers to "eight big ideas" that define economic perspectives.

These ideas include choice, tradeoff and opportunity cost; margins and incentives; voluntary exchange and efficient markets; market failure; expenditures, income and the value of production; living standards and productivity growth; inflation; and unemployment.

This report will examine the fifth edition of , which retains the coverage from previous editions as well as revised and updated micro content, in-text review quizzes, and parallel end-of-chapter problems.The analysis need not be complex, but must include a written explanation and a graphical analysis similar to those used throughout Arnold.Basically, you are just selecting the appropriate tools from Arnold and showing how they apply to a specific situation. Write a short conclusion.Okay, so you have decided that the field of economics is just too wide, and you have narrowed your speciality down to microeconomics. They will hunt out topics that are safe and that they are comfortable with.The in-depth analysis of a select group of customers or suppliers might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it is a highly sought after speciality. Thankfully, you don’t need to spend hours trawling the internet in search of inspiration, for I have drawn up a list of subjects that you will be hard pressed to find anywhere else.A Running Head is fine but not necessary. Abstract – not required but OK if desired Table of Contents – not required Section Headings – strongly encouraged Citations – cite all references in the body of the text and in the Reference list. Plagiarism – Do not copy text from another author or Web source unless it is quoted. Appendices – Not necessary but may be appropriate for raw data.Resources on APA Style American Psychological Association: Learning APA Style (see The Basics of APA Style tutorial) Purdue OWL: General APA Guidelines (General format of APA research papers, in-text citations, and reference page)If you have questions, please ask now.in Module 3, a draft of the paper is due in Module 6, and the final paper is due in Module 9.Here is a checklist that you may find helpful. The objective of the assignment is to demonstrate the application of microeconomic theory as presented in Arnold to a current topic you have chosen.He defines economics as "the science of choice – the science that explains the choices we make and how those choices change as we cope with scarcity".Furthermore, Parkin contends that all economic choices can be reduced to considerations regarding what goods and services are produced, how they are produced, when they are produced, where they are produced, and who actually consumes the goods and services that are produced.

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