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The Places They Work For some at Middlebury, our jobs take place far from any office or cubicle. f/8 Ritchey-Chretien reflecting telescope ■ M ,,bk Summer 2018 SEARCHING Avery Shawler ’13 left her Idaho apartment one morning to hike a local mountain range. P 42 VERMONT LIFE An alumna reflects on a Ripton landmark. But when the summertime sun glows over Mead Chapel, its rays offer a distinct hue.

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Image Credit: Top, Bridget Besaw Elyse Krantz is a member of College Coach’s team of college admissions experts.

P 80 Information at *Some outdoor enthusiasts may experience bears. ' xjm ■ .ft; mn p: H, 1' J w\, w M I 8 wm m vi h Milt 7,1*. The chaos of under¬ graduate life momentarily subsides as some of its stressors crumble away.

1 To fully appreciate Middlebury, one needs to stick around for the summer months.

All freshmen students take a writing-intensive seminar during the fall semester, which is taught by professor who also serves as their first year advisor.

“Love and Death in Western Europe,” “Art and the Environment,” and “Plagues, Past and Present” are just some of this year’s unique offerings.

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