Mlm Argumentative Essay

If you can manage this, your CTA doesn’t have to be particularly innovative or exciting, as demonstrated by this landing page by Square.

This landing page itself appeals to small-business owners by highlighting the benefits of using their product, namely being able to accept credit cards for transactions – something that was previously out of reach for many merchants before Square came along.

Yes, they’re asking the prospect to sign up a free trial of their accounting software, but the way they’ve asked – “Let’s Do It! Firstly, the CTA itself implies a partnership; they’re not just trying to get their hands on the prospect’s personal data.

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Finally, the CTA button itself (“Show Me My Heatmap”) taps into the power of using the voice of the customer, making it irresistible.

This is why our fifth kick-ass call to action example, from Less Accounting, really shines.

This landing page makes use of a muted color palette to evoke calming emotions, but the CTA is what sets this example apart.

This CTA is so effective because it doesn’t ask you to “Sign Up Now” or “Get Yours Free,” but allows you to “Send a Gift Rocket,” a much more interesting and exciting way to send a gift.

This landing page features simple yet striking imagery combined with short sentences and active verbs, resulting in a compelling experience.

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