Mobile Car Detailing Business Plan

Advertising and promoting your auto detailing business To promote your business and gain recognition, it is important to figure out what your customers expect.

When a customer engages your services to detail their vehicles, they would expect convenience, fairly priced services and a superb job.

You can also promote your business via radio jingles and television adverts.

Another effective means of promoting your mobile detailing business is through the internet.

Create a business website and sign up for Google ad-words to increase search engine optimization for your website.

If you are lucky to get at least 1 detailing job per day while working for 5 days per week, that means you would be able to make about 0 per week or more depending on the services offered.

This also means that you could make well over ,000 monthly from your mobile auto detailing business depending on how hard you can work.4.

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