Mobile Marketing Campaign Case Study Sci Arc Thesis Club

It’s a concern for most developers but big brands can still bear that cost.Kabam app did something that helped them get 66% more installs for their app.People were not aware of the breakfast meal in Mc Donald’s and they were struggling with making people aware of it.

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It is something personal that we use to get up, entertain and sleep with.

It’s not a game released by big company that has huge funds to market it.

Even for those companies, it is very hard to get 100 Million downloads for a single game. Mc Donald’s was struggling with driving breakfast orders even after handing out free breakfast muffins to 1000s of people.

Regular updates were shared on these platforms from the start which helped them build a good user base.

This allowed them to launch a Twitter campaign where they asked users to tweet their username and use #funrun to win 10,000 in game coins.

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