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We kept kissing, and then I thought, I finally got up to turn on the lights, and there was blood everywhere! Even so, he invited me over the next day — but when we started making out again, I got another bloody nose! In the choir room, I took my spot in the bleachers, a row above the boys everyone in our grade is into. I made it to the second round — but then I opened my mouth and threw up all over the guys! I ran back to the nurse to tell her 'I told you so.' And now I'm forever known as the girl who barfed on the grade's hottest guys." "After my friend's BF broke up with her, a bunch of us decided to prank call him.

We were really fired up, so I quickly went to his contact info, hit the call button, and turned on speakerphone.

I panicked and did the unthinkable: I tried to open the Corvette's door, hoping they'd go away if I just got in it — but the alarm went off! Apparently, I was so tired that I'd even forgotten to set my alarm, so I majorly overslept the next morning.

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They got on the topic of hybrid cars — which I drive — and how awful they think those are.I'd used my sister's self-tanning moisturizer the night before!I had no choice but to head to school, where my friends called me Tangerine.I thought that I was magnificent and so did my family.United Nations exhibit put on by OWI in Rockefeller Plaza, New York, N. Central motif was this frame containing copy of Atlantic charter, with amplifiers at each end broadcasting speeches by Roosevelt, Churchill and Chiang Kai-Shek every half hour, and by The Library of Congress.However, I felt that I was better than all of them.When my turn came to speak, I wanted to stride up the stairs to the stage but my legs had turned rubbery and I could hardly walk." "I was hanging out in the park with my best friend and these two hot guys from the grade above ours. We were hanging out in his game room, when he turned off the lights and we started to make out. " "On my way to choir class, I started to feel a little queasy.It was going really well, but right in the middle of a funny story I was telling, something warm and wet hit my arm. The others couldn't stop laughing, but I jumped up, screamed, and had such a freak-out that our hangout sesh quickly took a nosedive. It was awesome, but I felt something weirdly wet on my face. When I came back, I kept apologizing because I never get bloody noses! He tried to reassure me it was NBD, but it still killed the mood. I went to see the nurse, but she just gave me crackers and bubbly water and sent me on my way.I could feel the audience sympathising with me but I did not want their sympathy. By a tremendous effort of will, i managed to let out a sound but it turned out to be a croak because of my tense throat muscles.The audience was no longer sympathetic and it roared with laughter.

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