Motorcycle Shop Business Plan

Helping a present or prospective customer doesn’t need to be time consuming.

Right now John is posting a question on your local area’s motorcycle forum asking for advice on why his motorcycle won’t start.

Customer acquisition is expensive and can be challenging for even the most established business. Building relationships and forming a core customer base can be much more beneficial and cost effective to your start-up motorcycle business.

As the new player in the game your first instinct might be to dedicate all of your marketing budget towards outreach to bring new customers. Tip #3: Create a system for gathering your customers’ information You’ve decided you want to keep in touch with Mark, he’s a good guy.

"We go to the manufacturers and get exclusive deals where possible." The duo aims at a dual market of commuters on their scooters as well as the leisure biker who rides for the love of it.

Choose even more carefully if you decide to partner with someone. Invest carefully in your business and watch it come to life. In more seasonal climates such as the northern USA and Canada, the biz is feast or famine.You’ll get a guaranteed salary and a first class education of what to do (or not do) and how the industry works.Tip #2: It costs less to keep a customer than it does to get a new one Meet Mark, he’s your first customer.The shop had been around a long time as Bullet Motorcycles and was much frequented by celebrities such as Ewan Mc Gregor and Charlie Boorman, but it was struggling and run down when Will and Andrew bought the lease.It soon became a mecca for bikers from London and beyond who want to look cool.The high street shop sells a comprehensive range of must-have scooters, motorcycles and accessories, but the website focuses on a select range of biker clothing priced from £40 to in excess of £1,000."It's key that we sell clothing that's highly desirable and hard to track down," says Will.So you made some sales your opening week, that’s great. How will you keep Mark and the rest of your customers coming back? Create a plan of action: ask for email addresses, phone numbers, mailing addresses. Tip #4: Invest in a CRM platform Take Mark’s info to heart. It’s a software platform that can capture your customers’ personal information (name, email address, mailing address), vehicle information (year, make, model, service history), and transactional information (products purchased, service history). The system recognizes the service as a periodic one, and it automatically sends Mark an email inviting him to come in for an oil change three months later.How will you let them know about that next big thing you’ve got? Some CRMs can be set up to reach out to your customers automatically, so you don’t have to lift a finger. Some systems can also learn Mark’s oil change habits, so as to predict when he will need to come back for service next, for maximum efficiency.Find ways of adding value to the lives of your customers, without selling them a thing.Studio Cycle Group‘s emails include motorcycle maintenance tips.

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