Movie Analysis Essay American Beauty

Also, in the final scene when Lester and Angela almost have the sexual encounter that Lester has always fantasized, there is a vase of roses placed on the table in the room.

When they are approaching each other the roses stand in between them portraying the mutual desire for each other between the two.

The film “American Beauty” literally is seeking to show how much beauty there is in America but it is non ever so easy to see. is an ordinary colour but it shows its face legion times throughout the film. This realistic cinematography greatly affects the reality of what is approximately to go on between Lester and Carolyn ; it provides a really natural and intimate scene. Carolyn appears dramatic and of high societal standing in her fancy violet frock.

Often in the movie objects usually thought of as ordinary are magnified to show deeper significance and demo what beauty truly exists in the universe. while Lester appears simple and unworried in his sweat pantss and jersey.

There is no illuming in the room merely the natural lighting from the Sun glancing through the drapes. It is even portrayed in the vesture each histrion is have oning.

Mise-en-scene is used from the minute the sequence begins. which represents the wealth that has consumed the passion and love that Lester and Carolyn one time had for one another.

It is ill-defined at this point in the movie what the importance of the fish tank to Benjamin but one can presume that it represents a sense of peace. The dominant mise-en-scène prop used in this sequence.

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Whenever he is lustfully thinking about her, the roses are seen.

One of the more obvious uses of cinematography in American Beauty is the placement of the roses throughout the film.

The roses represent desire, passion, and possibly lust.

In an instant the minute ends when Lester about ruins her cherished sofa. The filming in the movie does a fantastic occupation conveying the echt significance behind the sequence every bit good.

Carolyn returns to being edgy and mercenary and Lester to being angry. The camera is placed far from the histrions at the beginning of the scene and becomes closer and closer as the desire between Lester and Carolyn grows.

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