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Successful students can go on to work in high-tech companies in positions such as research and development engineer, system/network architect, system designer, system engineer, application engineer, application developer, and software architect.Electrical energy, electronics, control, and instrumentation, telecommunications, information and communications technology, computer, software, oil and gas, medical, biomedical, automotive. In addition to the Faculty of Graduate Studies requirements, the Department requires: Course Requirements: CPSC 699 plus 4 half-course equivalents that satisfy: We recommend that students who are considering continuing on to a Ph D program or entering certain career paths, select courses that demonstrate some breadth across Computer Science.Approved SENG Course List: [Note that this list is modified on a yearly basis.] All non-decimalized courses labelled SENG are acceptable for all software engineering programs offered by the Department of Computer Science.A master’s degree in electrical and computer engineering will give you the pre-requisite for a Ph D.

Seminar Requirement: Students are required to give a department seminar presentation on a topic related to their graduate research.A student must be registered for at least three (3) graduate credit hours the semester in which graduation is expected.Students must submit an advisor-approved MS Plan of Study within the first semester.Students may seek a change in research area or supervisor after admission.Such a change must be satisfactory to the student, and to the proposed new supervisor.The Thesis Path requires at least 30 graduate credits with an average grade of 3.0 or better, satisfactory evaluation by a faculty committee of the oral defense of the thesis, and final thesis document. Advanced courses in semesters are defined as ECE 6000 level and above, excluding ECE 6070.Requirements include: Time Limit Both the thesis and non-thesis M. programs have a six (6) year time limit for completion. Degree Six credits of letter-graded advanced ECE courses are required for the M. Transfer Credit Not more than six graduate semester credits may be transferred from another institution.MSc Computer Science Master of Science degree candidates must demonstrate an advanced level of knowledge and understanding in their field of study, capability of relating knowledge of particular topics to the broader field of study, and ability to present knowledge in a critical and scholarly way.The thesis must be an original work comprising a satisfactory record of research undertaken by the candidate, or a satisfactory critical survey of knowledge in the approved field of study.All decimalized courses labelled SENG are acceptable for all software engineering programs offered by the Department of Computer Science, with the following exceptions: If a student wishes to have any course not mentioned here considered as fulfilling SENG Approved List requirements, they should discuss the matter with their supervisor first.If the supervisor agrees, the matter should be brought to the attention of the Software Engineering Director for consideration.

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