Mtn Business Plan We Should Have Homework

You might disagree with me though but do that after seeing what it offers. However, you won’t get another bonus until after 7 days. On other mtn tariff plans, you will get 750 MB for N500 Naira. The plan is a weekly plan and is therefore valid for just 7 days. Dial *406*2# to activate and sms 2 to 131 to check data balance.

MTN i Pulse was launched couple of years ago and mtn has featured handful of Nigerian celebrities in its promotional videos. But 89 Naira is equivalent to 8900 Kobo (N1 = 100 Kobo). 859.1 seconds in minutes will be 859.1/60 = 14.3 minutes (14 minutes 18 seconds). Likewise, you get 20 MB for a recharge of 200 Naira. This offer is available for only mtn pulse subscribers.

Seriously, if you are looking for the best tariff plan for local calls on mtn network, all you need is mtn pulse. Now for the rest of the day you will be charged 11 K/S. If the call rate is 11 K/S, 8900 Kobo will last how many seconds? You get 500 MB for 25 Naira to browse between 12AM to 4AM.

With 100 Naira on i Pulse, you can talk for up to 14 minutes irrespective of which Nigerian network you are calling. One sim is eligible for one subscription in a night.

Above N100 Naira Top Up: For airtime recharge of 100 Naira and above, you will get 200% airtime bonus. Validity of the airtime bonus is also 7 days and can be used to call any Nigerian network. This is one of the best tariff plans for international calls from mtn.Xtra Value tariff from mtn is a 2 in 1 tariff plan that rewards you with data volumes along side airtime. So if your priority is airtime go for Xtra Talk and Xtra Data if your priority is data. E if you subscribe to the 300 Naira Xtra Talk bundle whose activation code is V300 to 131 use NOV300 to 131 to cancel auto renew.Subscribing to an Xtra Value plan gives you airtime plus data. Note: Migration is free to all tariff plan from mtn.You remember earlier when i said i have 4 of my 5 mtn sim on mtn pulse? For just 10 Naira per day on mtn pulse, you get access to unlimited music streaming. It is also one of the oldest tariff plan on mtn network.It is because of this mtn night plan for Pulse customers. I chose to talk about this tariff’s bonus and benefit before the call rate because we are going to need some point under here for our call rate calculations.Below are the best mtn call plans with the cheapest call rates.Not only that the likes of pulse and beta talk comes with some mouth watering offers that can’t just be overlooked. Pulse is not just one of the best mtn Nigeria tariff plans but also one of the best among all Nigeria telecom tariffs in my own opinion. This call plan doesn’t just come with a great call rate, it also come with bonuses and benefits. You are entitle to free 10MB when you recharge 100 Naira and it is valid for 24 hours.With 4 mtn sims, i have 2GB to surf and download for just 100 Naira. Beta talk from mtn gives airtime and data bonus upon recharge/top up.Like pulse, you also get free 10MB upon 100 Naira recharge.I won’t bore you with long but useless lists of MTN Nigeria tariff plans.Rather, this article will presents you with the best mtn tariffs with cheapest call rates that money can get.

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