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You will be notified when your certificate is available.

You can also ask someone else to collect your certificate for you, if you email them your ID number and confirm in the email that you give them permission to collect it on your behalf.

If your certificate is sent to an incorrect home address then we will not replace this and you would be required to purchase a duplicate, and the original certificate will be then be cancelled.

Your home address must be correct on the Student System.

Contact [email protected] to enquire about the process of removing your qualification from HEDD.

We advise against this as by doing so you may increase the time taken by employment screening or other Universities to verify your result, as it will come through HEDD for people in the University to verify manually.

Unless you expressly ask otherwise, your name will appear in the degree ceremony programme published immediately after your degree or qualification is awarded.

Only your name, degree, and subject will appear, individual classifications will NOT appear. Your degree information will also be shared with the Higher Education Degree Datacheck service, an organisation sponsored by HEFCE (the National Funding Body) that allows potential employers the ability to verify your results online.

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