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Martin Luther King's famous speech, I Have A Dream, lets all of us know what he was thinking. It is everyone's responsibility to see that all people, especially children, have a place to go each night that is warm, safe, and welcome. It just is not right that some people have no place to call home.

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I still dream of taking off to a destination unknown, seeing things through my eyes and translating images and impressions into words over and over again.

I would even say enough to put them through college too, but by the time they get there I don't think anyone will be able to afford any form of higher education.

I used to dream of going off to other countries, writing about wars and conflicts and coups, taking photos of other cultures and traditions, adding experiences and stories to my already colourful life, and trying to make changes where I could.

Magical things don’t just happen, you have to find a way to make them appear, sometimes taking a lot of work and hope and tears.

Now that my dream has become a shared dream, one that my family also wants, I hope that this dream will be waiting for us to jump on be right around the next corner.

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