My Dreams Essay Spm

When the time comes that I have to go to a job interview, I will try to convey the idea of security and confidence and I will defend my ideas and my professionalism. Like everything in life, part-time jobs have their advantages and disadvantages...Its a fact that we have less free time to have fun and it can be very tiring but, on the other hand we can meet new people and get some useful experience for the future. My name is Francisco and I07m a young boy with many hopes and ambitions for the future, but at the same time I think it07s better to start searching and preventing for the reality and what the best options are.I only hope that my future job will bring me lots of success!!!It07s obvious that when we go to a job interview we shouldn07t chew gum, come unprepared, look down onto the floor, put our leg up or play with items on the desk, slap the interviewer on the hand, be late and talk fast or speak in slang.I know that the bad part is that doctors have to keep themselves in an office, but who cares?!I like helping people very much and I enjoy learning all I can about everything!

I am very worried with the unemployment because if right now there is no work for everybody, in the future this will be even worse I think that part-time jobs are good, because young people can get some work experience And when people want some extra money this could be heaven, just joking!!!

During that time I will obtain the knowledge that I will need for my future career.

I hope to graduate after those four years with a bachelor's degree in business.

Because I "love" justice, I would like to become a judge.

Both jobs would give me some guarantees, but in the end I only hope to have success with the job I will choose... Ive put aside the chances of having a part-time job, although I know they can be good for young people because they give you an idea of what the labour market is and a strong sense of responsibility or autonomy.

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