My Favorite Country Essay Globe Theater Term Paper

It has 28 statues representing the kings of Judah, descendants of Jesse and ancestors of Mary and Jesus.

These statues ended up related with the kings of France and during the French Revolution, the works were attacked and mutilated as symbols of royal despotism. Its main bell is the Bourdon Emmanuel and it’s also the oldest.

I’m not saying here they don’t have problems, on the contrary, Paris is a city that has been through a lot over the centuries and this is exactly my point.

Its western facade is the main facade and the one of greater impact and greater popularity.

And once you’re on top of it, you will be able to see closely the gargoyles.

Yes, they’re fascinating (I personally like very much eheh).

Its construction began in 1163 and took long 182 years to be accomplished.

As it was performed by several architects, its style embody different artistic styles, such as Gothic, Neo-Gothic design, Renaissance, Naturalism Era (and a bit of Victorian influence).

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